Autumn Leaves

A necklace for those who love the gold and copper hues of autumn. Those who look forward to watching nature transition into it’s Byzantine beauty as the colder weather offers the opportunity to cosy up inside with coffee and a good book.

Autumn offers us the chance to go inwards, to revel in time alone or with a few loved ones, seeking warmth and a moment of rest. We are enlivened by the crisp mornings and marvel at nature’s last show of rich colour before shedding the old to make way for the new.

​​​​​​​Like all of nature’s cycles, Autumn teaches us the lessons of impermanence, the joy to be found in letting the sunny days pass and finding the pleasure and acceptance of dark nights and the introspection that those times bring. With this receding we are also taught to appreciate all that we have had, to see spring and it’s blossomings in all their miraculous glory, an appreciation that can only be sought by those who experience the loss of summer.

It’s on these days that I feel blessed to live in the climate we do and to be able to experience all the romance and poetic beauty of nature’s great display of colour.

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