Jewellery Making - My Great Teacher

I think any craft, art or hobby if you do it for long enough and commit yourself to it can teach you deeper life lessons.

Jewellery making has been one of my great teachers. It has bought me joy, much humility and a deeper understanding of commitment.

It has taught me patience. That shortcuts almost always lead to problems later on, that it’s much better to spend time getting the foundations right.

It has taught me that real attention can’t be hurried, that even if you have 3 pieces to make in a day, that you can only be thinking about what you are doing in the moment. As soon as your mind is elsewhere mistakes are inevitable.

It has taught me surrender. Sometimes even when everything is right, the soldering Gods are against you and that piece you’ve spent half a day on falls apart. Sometimes no matter how hard we try things just fall apart.

It has taught me that we often only truly integrate a lesson by making the same mistake again and again until one day we don’t.

It has taught me that one of life’s great joys is to be able to create a living symbol of something that holds deep meaning for someone and that being trusted in that way feels powerful. That allowing someone to feel understood is some sort of superpower.

It has taught me that even on those days when it all goes wrong and the necklace i’ve spent a day on has melted into an unrecognisable ball, that the world isn’t against me, it’s just a necessary part of the learning journey.

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