Moonlight Through The Pines

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

For me this beautiful hypersthene stone summons images of the moonlight poking through the architecture of the forest, so I named it after a line in the Ray Charles song ‘Georgia On My Mind’. Ray Charles to my mind is the most expressive singer of all time, when he wails you feel it down to your bones, when he sings softly it’s the very epitome of soul. He has a voice that can only come from someone who has experienced both the hardest and most joyous parts of life.

The theme of light guiding us through the darkness is a common one in art, religion and myth. Metaphorically I think there’s something beautiful in the imagery of the ‘moonlight through the pines’. The forest at night being a symbol of our biggest fears and unknowns. It holds the promise of both danger but also a realisation that incredible peace, serenity and beauty can be found by exploring the places we don’t want to go.

I remember as a teenager a couple of friends and I drove out to the forest at night for the thrill of it. It was creepy at first, every sound would make us jump, but after a while we became acclimatised to it, I’m not going to lie, we would always be pretty relieved when we would get back to the car but I remember literally seeing the moonlight poking through the pines and being in awe of the beauty of it, like it was a sight reserved for those who were willing to seek it.

I think our fears are a lot like that in our daily lives, the more we supress them and try to pretend they’re not there the more they lurk in the shadows. Only by examining them in the light of day and really studying do we see that so often we project many dark imaginings onto the world around us.

Much like the moonlight it also feels like there is a pervasive force that runs through life that guides you through despair. I feel like in my darkest moments there has often been a still, small voice that reminds me that it will be okay and it will pass. I think we often feel our most alive in these extremes, in the joy and in the despair. Nobody wants the latter but it’s the inevitable forfeit that comes with experiencing love. The fate worse than the despair that comes from holding people dear and then losing them is the life unlived, the monotony of never trying through fear of failure, for never risking for fear of loss. There may be scary things lurking in that metaphorical forest but there’s a lot of beauty too.

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