My Influences: Music

Music and jewellery have always been deeply intertwined for me. As a source of inspiration, bringing forth ideas and opening me up, but also in the sense that my love of music has fundamentally shaped who I am.

From being a 10 year old child in love with Elvis and Rock 'n' Roll music, travelling around with my musician parents, touring in a punk band through my early twenties and now playing folk music with Carly in Hope In High Water

. It always has and I think it always will be a huge part of my life.

Music has the power to bring forth new ideas and changes of perspective in one perfectly placed melody or lyric. Imagine the great political movements of our time without the soundtrack that accompanied them, the civil rights movement without Sam Cooke or Mahalia Jackson, England's social upheaval in the 70's and 80's without Punk.

Also on a personal level, we use music to shape our own narrative, the songs that saw you through your first break up, the songs that lift you up, the songs that break your heart, the songs that are played at your funeral. Our favourite songs draw a picture of who we are.

I am forever grateful to music for always making me feel understood, for expressing my feelings in ways I never could and for opening my mind to new ideas. I hope that in some way way this comes through in everything I create.

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