Nature Reclaims

I’ve always loved seeing the branches of trees breaching the window frames of abandoned factories or the solidity of concrete frames slowly being broken down by creeping vines and time. Reminders of our own impermanence and the finite nature of things that we hold to be so permanent.

No matter how much we try to conquer nature, we will always be the visitors, Robert Frost describes civilisation as ‘just a clearing in a deep, dark forest’. Even as that clearing becomes larger it always holds the promise of being reclaimed by the forest eventually.

The idea of legacy has never made much sense to me, we go to great lengths to be remembered and leave our mark but it’s all relative, our greatest structures, books, celebrities may last for centuries, millennia or a million years but one day they will be forgotten. I take joy in this, it takes the pressure off. All we can do is hope to mean a great deal to those we love in the present moment. We are nature and one day we will be absorbed back into the melting pot of all life. To me that’s not morbid but incredibly beautiful.

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