I’ve been inspired by Hermann Hesse’s beautiful book Siddhartha. In it he states that you can teach knowledge but that wisdom is not communicable. I think this is true, any profound thought you have always loses something in translation, any experience of deep love ends up sounding like a bad John Lennon song once put into music, so why do we bother. It makes me think that we share to connect with others, to know that we are not alone in our experience, not to be taught anything but to resonate with something we already know deep down.

Maybe then instead of looking to self help gurus or spiritual teachers we should try and connect with our own inner wisdom, quieting the mind and hearing what we instinctively know. Maybe also we need to stop trying so hard to improve ourselves, instead trusting that at some point we will learn from our experiences and wisdom will come.

We’re constantly sold different ways to be a better person physically, emotionally, in our productivity. Everyone has an explanation as to why you’re depressed, ill or stuck.

I haven’t been at my best mentally this winter and instead of just powering through it with activities, exercise or work I just sat and stared out the window and took some time with it. Our culture doesn’t allow enough time to process, it’s constantly calling to action and consumption but sometimes the best course of action is inaction. It may not be convenient but sometimes we just need to stop and stare out the window for a while.

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