The Feather Of Truth

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian Goddess Maat.

Maat symbolised the principles of truth, justice, order and harmony. She was thought not only to maintain order in nature through her regulation of the stars and the seasons but also in the moral world of mankind by delivering justice in the after-life. Maat would weigh the heart of the dead against her ostrich feather. If the heart was unencumbered by wrong doing the soul would pass through the gates of Osiris into paradise. However if the heart, weighed with a life of selfish and deceitful action, was heavier than her ostrich feather then the soul would be devoured by Ammit. This myth serves as a reminder to live life with a focus on right action and truthful speech, not only when being watched or when we can gain notoriety but all the time inspired by the principle of Maat.

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