The Great Outdoors

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

I often cite nature as an influence on my jewellery and in a literal sense that's very easy to see in the representations of mountains, sea and moons etc in my work. One thing I don't discuss as much is the profound, positive impact of time in nature on my life.

I feel very lucky that from a young age I was immersed in nature and spent lots of time outdoors. As a grown up it continues to be a sanctuary in difficult times. In my darkest hours I have pulled myself out of a hole, stepped outside and in doing so found some sacred stillness. I can't help but think a lot of our modern troubles are fuelled by our disconnect from nature and the over stimulation of our technological age (aware of the irony of typing this on Instagram). I feel eternally grateful for the peace and spiritual fulfilment I have found and hope that future generations continue to recognise the importance of the great outdoors and our small but significant part of a much greater whole. Go outside and play!

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