Yin Yang

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The Yin Yang Necklace. Yin Yang is a Chinese symbol which represents the inter-connectedness and harmony of seemingly opposed forces. Whether it would be dark/light, good/evil, masculine/feminine, you/I, love/hate, within this seeming dualism there is a deep balance, without one there cannot be the other. Therefore within yin (the dark half of the circle) there is also a small circle of white and likewise a small circle of black within yang, this represents the ever presence of the opposite within each force.

This is also true when looking at ourselves and makes up part of Jung's theory of the 'shadow', the parts of ourselves that we suppress but that we must balance in our psyche to be a well rounded individual. The dark that exists within light. For Jung problems emerge for us when we deny these parts of ourselves and project them onto the world around us. This is an idea that also underpins the Herman Hesse book Demian, in which he discusses the opposing forces that exist within all of us, the gods and devils that we all possess. The main stone in this necklace is a beautiful, psychedelic Psilomelane with a flashy blue Moonstone sat underneath.

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