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Amor Fati is a Latin phrase that translates as ‘love of one’s fate’. It’s an idea that has been expounded by many thinkers including Marcus Aurelius but is normally attributed to Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche believed that in order to live a happy, fulfilled life, a person should strive not only to accept their experience both good and bad but to love it. To see all occurrences as necessary and perfect in our development as a human being.

For Nietzsche, much like a lot of Eastern philosophers, he saw that joy and suffering were two sides of the same coin, pain allows us to experience life and happiness with more profound depth. It is through trials and resistance that we can fully savour moments of peace and serenity.

I think Amor Fati is more of an ideal to be strived for, I don’t think many people are able to endure a parents death or a big break-up whilst fully embracing their fate, but I think one thing we are able to do is reflect later on those events and try to understand a strength or insight that we’ve gained. I think there are many different ways of perceiving reality and I think a philosophy like Amor Fati allows us to keep moving forward without becoming cynical or defeated. It could be easy to attribute present failings to sufferings in our past but Amor Fati is an attempt to regain power over one’s mindset whilst also accepting that much of what hap