The 'Everything Flows' ring. Inspired by the philosopher Heraclitus who identified that much like the river, all aspects of life are in a permanent state of change. Impermenance is the fundemental nature of everything and to resist it is to resist life itself. Without change we would not witness the cycle of the seasons, the end of suffering or experience the joy and happiness that comes with new life. With this realisation must also come the acceptance of decay and death, with one end comes the possibility of the new.

The same can be said of our daily lives. We often cling on to the things we love or that bring us security but real freedom can only be found in the letting go. Nothing is forever and our attempts to make anything permanent do nothing but stop us experiencing the bliss of the present moment.

'No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.' 'There is nothing permanent except change.' - Heraclitus

Aesthetically this ring is inspired by the flow of the river. It has an adjustable band (comes in small, medium or large). Also available as a solid band.