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The eye of Horus has been understood in various ways throughout the ages, but to me, it represents true vision. The ability to perceive in astute and discerning ways and the courage to speak the truth you see before you, free from delusion or fear.


Born into a time of chaos, Horus represents the good and courageous. He seeks to avenge the murder of his father Osiris.


Unlike his father, who as he aged became wilfully blind to the malevolence and lust for power of his brother Set, Horus had the perception of a falcon. He could see through illusory forces and understood the world as it was. He used this perception to battle against the God of chaos and evil and restore peace and order to the state of Egypt.


I think we all understand the interconnection between perception and the good. We instinctively know that it is not enough to see right from wrong but that we must then align our behaviour with what we believe to be right. It can be easy to slip into delusion and convince ourselves of untruths to avoid the discomfort or even danger that can arise from telling the truth as we see it. Whether that be in the trivial ignoring of an obnoxious act or of the greater evils of recent history like the holocaust. Evil requires the silence of the majority to prevail.


This is why perception and truth also require courage. Many of the people who have truly represented these values throughout history were punished with death. Telling the truth to power often bears a heavy weight.


It’s for this reason that I think the eye of Horus symbol is so powerful. It holds the spirit of our ancestors who were brave enough to speak what they knew to be true and good regardless of the consequences.


On the inside of the band lies the feather of Maat. In Egyptian mythology, the heart of the dead would be weighed against the feather of truth by the goddess Maat. If the heart was found equal to or lighter than the feather, then the soul would transcend to the heavenly realm. However, if it was weighed down with improper behaviour then it would be consumed by the goddess Ammit. 

I think this story shows us symbolically that by aligning our behaviour with all that is good and upstanding we create psychologically transcendent realms of consciousness. Whereas, if we ignore our inner moral compass we find ourselves being pulled into the psychological depths of inadequacy. This is why, if we carry them with us as a daily reminder, these symbols can compel us to truth and virtue.




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  • Wherever possible Eco Recycled Sterling Silver will be used in the production of our jewellery.

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