Purple Mojave Turquoise (Pieces of turquoise bound in metal, kintsugi style)
Eco Sterling Silver and Copper Necklace

Inspired by Aldous Huxley’s book of the same name, a book about his experiences on mescaline. The Doors of Perception reveals unseen dimensions of experience beyond our everyday reality. Raising questions about our hard materialist vision of our world.

Modern scientific study of the brain seems to show that so much of our perception takes place within the brain itself rather than simply emanating from the material world. The idea of a true reality that we all perceive in the same way has become a fiction. We all experience our world differently based upon our neurochemistry.

Aldous Huxley believed that the brain acts as a limiting valve on our experience, filtering the overwhelming nature of sensory information down to the essential and allowing us to be able to successfully operate in our everyday lives. In psychedelic, meditative or any other transcendental state this limiting valve is removed allowing us to experience the full array of sensory experience available. Dr Carhart-Harris and Dr Nutt’s studies seem to support this idea, showing that psychedelics reduce activity in certain parts of the brain associated with the thinking mind. 

Equally, in the quantum field, the fabric of our material world seems stranger and more elusive. One in which photons seem to exist in multiple places at the same time and only have a fixed nature when being observed.

We are far from understanding the true significance of these findings but I think psychologically it can be very freeing to consider that what we perceive may be illusory in some way. In Hindu and Buddhist religions the idea of everyday reality being illusory is fundamental, often termed maya. In Buddhism, the emphasis lays on letting go of the illusion, seeing the dream-like nature of everyday reality and connecting to pure awareness. In Hinduism samadhi also describes a similar letting go of attachments and reconnection with the absolute.

Whatever your thoughts on the nature of reality, it’s hard to deny that these altered states seem to be a fundamental part of what it means to be human. They also seem to be consistently showing, in a clinical setting, that they are able to cure many of our modern ailments of the mind. In scientific studies on those with treatment-resistant depression (unable to be cured by medicine) psilocybin has had such success that if it was a prescribable medicine it would have been hailed as a miracle cure, producing a far higher success rate than any medicines currently available.

Many attribute these results to the mystical experience, the transcendence of the material. This could be the transcendence into the personal psyche, into the spiritual or something else yet incomprehensible but either way it is interesting to see that this lifting of the veil of reality whether through meditation, fasting or psychedelics seems to bring much liberation from mental suffering.


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