The Inspiration Journal

Exploring the Self Through Humanity’s Great Ideas

Using quotes from the world’s great writers, thinkers, artists and philosophers, The Inspiration Journal takes you on an inner journey of self-exploration.

Divided into chapters on purpose, grief, love and trust, The Inspiration Journal invites you to delve into the psyche with writing prompts that allow the excavation of your innermost desires, passions and emotions.

The guided nature of The Inspiration Journal means that it is ideal for both those new to journaling as well as more experienced journallers looking to reinvigorate their writing practice. Because of the depth of wisdom found in these carefully selected quotes, as well as the additional writing prompts, this journal is perfect for anyone who feels stuck, uninspired or lacking in motivation.

Whether you are looking for creative inspiration or a way of working through anxiety, depression and unstable emotions, The Inspiration Journal will serve as a guide to your true self.

Reminiscent of notebooks of old, it felt important to create something beautiful and tactile that will entice you into creativity. I hope that it will become a special place for you to share your most intimate and authentic self.


Featuring quotes from the likes of:
Carl Jung, Charles Bukowski, Joan Didion, Tom Waits, Maya Angelou, Ram Dass, Rumi and many more.


Size: 22cm x 15.5cm x 1.5 cm thick. 151 pages.



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