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Eco Sterling Silver
Size - UK Q - US 8 - With a little room for adjustment

The serpent is perhaps one of humanities most ancient symbolic representations. Deep in our evolutionary history, the serpent has existed as a source of both fear and fascination. As a symbol in our mythologies, it seems to also contain this dual aspect.


‘The serpent shows the way to hidden things and expresses the introverting libido, which leads man to go beyond the point of safety, and beyond the limits of consciousness.’ - Carl Jung


We are all familiar with the story of the serpent in The Garden of Eden, where he acts as a sly seducer and compels Adam and Eve to disobey God’s commands, or at least that’s the way it has been interpreted for the last few millennia. However, Gnostics believed that the serpent was sent by Sophia to emancipate humankind and compel them into a higher state of consciousness, one which illuminates the knowledge of good, evil and the polarities of human existence.


In this sense, the serpent can often represent the dangerous and forbidden but also contains the possibilities for transcendence or renewal, often symbolised by the shedding of the skin. This is probably why Carl Jung relates it to the unconscious where our base animal instincts reside: sexuality, aggression and the carnal. In Jungian psychology a confrontation and integration of these instincts is necessary to become a unified self, the repression of these aspects of ourselves leads to neurosis.


Throughout history the snake has represented the feminine archetype, like Kali in Indian mythology the feminine embodies the capacity for birth and death; for sexuality, ecstasy, creativity, sensuality, chaos, joy, madness and wildness. This is the duality of the primordial feminine.


Therefore, as a symbol, the serpent is a call to our earthier selves. A reminder to delve into the often frightening but reinvigorating world of the unconscious. To reconnect with the vitality-giving endeavours of creativity, sensuality and sexuality. Through this journey into the depths, we become a more integrated and as a result more whole version of ourselves.


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  • Wherever possible Eco Recycled Sterling Silver will be used in the production of our jewellery.

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